Feb 14 2008

Grey skies, bit of mist…

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Hello Friends,

Dripping gloom surrounds the wheelhouse on the good ship realsurf this morning, so until the mists clear a bit, I can’t post a pic – or see the ocean. But I can spread a few forecasts out on the chart table and under a gently swinging green shaded brass oil lamp, make a few notes about the delphic pronouncements coming from a supercomputer centre in Monterey…

Starting close to home, the MHL buoy off Sydney is currently showing 8 seconds of south swell at 2 metres. The wind along our shoreline is light from the SW. The Bureau says it’ll go more to the south and pick up to 18-23 kts in the afternoon.

From what the aforesaid super computers are saying, we should have south swell in the rideable range for the next two to three days in the Sydney region. Thereafter the outlook becomes less interesting as periods decrease into the sub-8 sec range and average size drops to a metre or so.

Have yourself a top old day!

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