Feb 18 2008

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Hello Friends,

Into a holding pattern for Sydney surfers I’d say.  But, the ever busy Huey looks to be up to something interesting. Here’s an excerpt from the BoM’s NSW marine forecast:

“There is an expectation of a development of a low in northern Tasman Sea/Coral Sea during the next couple of days with a hint that the low might track towards the Queensland/NSW border before moving away to the east.”

The MHL buoy off Sydney is currently showing a metre of ese windswell at about 7 sec apart. If you find a wave, you’ll be doing very well today in Sydney. Average size is a touch bigger up the coast but the period is still averaging only around 8 seconds, so I’d say conditions won’t be spectacular.

Now for a bit of fun speculation…

From tomorrow folks living in SE Queensland should possibly see the first little signs of improvement. By Weds, if the low spins up as expected, the energy increase should be getting obvious. The further down the coast you go, the less hopeful the surf situation looks, but come Thursday a clear improvement to size from the east should be at least as far south as the Hunter region. Sydney could be starting to warm up energy-wise by that afternoon, and then on Friday it could all come together with light winds, hot skies and head high to head high plus east swell.

Fun speculating, isn’t it?

Have yourself a top old day!

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