Feb 22 2008

Friday running late because of the waves…

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22feb08bwr.jpgHello Friends,

Sorry to file so late… but I got up and went to the beach to shoot some vid and, well, one thing lead to another… ended up getting wet at the Bower on way too high a tide. That was the problem for us this morning. All the other elements were in place: a solid 10sec 3 metre ESE swell, light winds (glassy in fact under the cloud), but that tide was a real issue. When I got out of the water near noon, waves were still splashing up over the wall in front of the cafe at the end of Bower lane. The NE wind had just begun to fill in, so conditions were not going to improve for the 30 or so folks contending for waves at the Bower.

As ace wheelman PB guided his cruiser past the crowded beachfront cafes and the tourists looking to dash across from the Corso against the lights, we heard the Manly life guards ordering swimmers out of the water as they shut the beach. Looked like there might have been some interesting stuff at North Steyne for a little longer before the wind change, but getting out would’ve been an experience.

Curly and Dee Why were not inspiring – if you were wondering. Plenty of size, but extremely messy and disorganised looking when we went by.

As I write this, the wind has finally kicked in to match the forecast and is breezing along at 10-15 kts from the NE right across our region.

By this time tomorrow the warm temps and NE’ly are set to have been replaced by an overnight SW change which will give us a cooler day and a morning dominated by brisk S-SW wind. There should still be some of this swell around the place, but it will be quite a bit smaller.

Hope your day’s been a good one!

ps: shoutout to the young bloke who paddled up to me at this morning just to say nice things about this little old site. Always puts a huge smile on my face when that happens. Go well mate!

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