Feb 27 2008

27 Feb 08, lookin’ dribbly

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Hello Friends,

Did you get any of the south swell yesterday Sydneysiders? Hope so, because this morning finds us looking at small, weak conditions. The dominant swell direction now seems to be from the NE and average size at sea is around 1.5 metres. Yesterday the average period was around 11 sec at the peak of the swell. It then plunged overnight to around 8 sec as the swell direction swung to the NE.

The average period seems to have bounced back into the 9 sec range, so maybe it’ll get a little more energetic. However, when I watched Dee Why before sitting down to write this, I didn’t see anything much above waist high come in. There were only one or two bods in the water, so I’m guessing I didn’t miss seeing any bomb sets.

The Bureau’s forecast says we’re due for light NW in the morning, accelerating into the 15-20 kt range this afternoon.

Outlook for the week ahead is for it to stay small to marginal for the next day or so, before a run of strong southerly conditions sets in for a few days.

Go well with your day!

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