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Mar 31 2008

The last day of March

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The last Monday in March looks pretty sad and tiny at Dee Why

Hello Friends.

Looking pretty small this morning. Not really surprising, considering the ESE windswell is only a metre out at sea and just 7 seconds apart. Wind is offshore and the skies are clear, but you’re going to be working hard to get anything much above knee high in Sydney I reckon. And from the look of the buoy data up and down the coast, this situation seems to more or less the same everywhere in NSW.

Wind is set to be offshore all day and to get up into the 15-20 kt range by this afternoon. Tomorrow it’ll be the same in the morning, but the Bureau sees ENE in the afternoon for Sydney on Tuesday.

The outlook for most of the east coast is for pretty small over the next 24-48 hours at least. It’s still looking as though we’re most likely to see a change to the surf situation late in the week when a brief pulse of straight south swell. Here’s hoping the models have it wrong and that we’ll get a touch of east to it when it gets here.

Have yourself a top old day and may the week ahead turn out particularly well for you!

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Mar 30 2008

Pretty autumnal Sunday

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Hello Friends,

What a beautiful Sunday morning in Sydney.  Light WNW breezes fanning the wine dark sea under cool but sunny skies. There is just the barest hint of a line coming into Dee Why. It’s maybe getting to waist high on the bigger ones. Not too many people in the water either.

Swell is out of the SE at a respectable average period of around 9 seconds. It’s only a metre or so out at sea though – hence the mainly tiny ones at our beaches.

The present conditions should stay in place until a SW change arrives later in the day. Swell should bumble along at more or less the present settings too.

According to the swell forecast models, we could see a slight improvement in period over the next 24 hours, but since there isn’t expected to be much change in swell height, I wouldn’t be getting too excited. The best hope on current reckoning for the Sydney region, is for a solid but brief pulse of 2 metre 10+ sec south swell around Friday.

Get out there and do something with this beautiful day!

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Mar 28 2008

Little waves this morning…

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Hello Friends,

Swell’s come up as anticipated. Not amazingly big, but there is a distinct south line and the wind is set to stay SW this morning. Dee Why seemed to be pretty setty while I watched, but the bigger ones looked to be near the shoulder high mark. Swell at sea is a touch under the 2 metre mark and period is a touch under 10 sec. Because it’s straight south, you won’t find waves just anywhere this morning, but get to some place with good exposure to that direction and you should get a little something. Wind is set to go around to the SE later, so the morning session appears to be the plan – if you can.

Have yourself a top old day!

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Mar 27 2008

Dum-dee-dum…hmmm….hello… hello, Huey.

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Hello Friends,

Good job they aren’t having to run Bells on Sydney’s swell. Those quarter finals wouldn’t be too riveting in the knee to waist high conditions we’re looking at where spots like Dee Why are concerned. Overnight Huey’s turned down the power setting on us. MHL’s buoy is reporting about a metre of SE windswell at an anemic 6 seconds on average. Said buoy is also showing some 12 sec component, so I’d be guessing that spots with good south exposure could possibly be seeing the occasional rogue set into the chest high range. For the most part though, I wouldn’t be expecting to find much of anything too astounding around our region’s beaches. But, hey, at least it’s not totally and utterly zippo!

The Bureau is saying that Sydney can expect light offshores this morning. Those westerly tendencies will gradually fade as the onshore builds out of the SE and gets to around the 15kt mark this afternoon.

The forecast models are still showing a little uptick for us from late tomorrow through Saturday, but I’ll wait to see what the Goat says before getting too many hopes up. Those same models are calling for longer period but small conditions early in the week. It’s good to see that they’re projecting the development of something a bit more interesting toward Wed-Thr for the southern to central NSW coast… however, since this projection is at the outer limit of the forecast, I wouldn’t be planning any trips away just yet…

Enough of these idle speculations! A fresh day awaits! Go well with it!


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Mar 26 2008

We’re small, real small

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Hello Friends,

It’s just about, but not quite flat along the Dee Why stretch this morning.  There were a few folks in the water on mals and standup paddleboards having a cut at the glassy one-footers. But I doubt they’d be ranking this in their top 100 sessions for the year.

Still looking pretty uninspiring for the next day or so.  At the moment the mainly east 8sec windswell is averaging a little under a metre off the coast of Sydney. The Bureau says winds will be WNW in the morning and then become light and variable in the afternoon ahead of a late SW change. Tomorrow we’re in for SW in the morning, but it’ll swing SE in the afternoon. That could possibly push the swell up a little by Friday, but the models aren’t overly hopeful about the size. With luck, we’ll have a few chest to head high sets at south facing spots.

Another good day for catching up on the non-surfing dimensions of your life if you’re on the east coast.

Go well!

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Mar 25 2008

Pretty small…

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Hello Friends,

So, a truncated workweek gets started, eh? If you’re already at work or school and you didn’t manage to get in this morning, don’t feel too hard done by. There really wasn’t much of anything going on. All we’ve got in the Sydney region (and pretty much the rest of NSW) is around a metre of 7 sec period east windswell. That translates into not much at all at most spots. Dee Why looked to be in the knee to waist high range for instance.

Huey’s diary looks pretty open for the next couple days. The first entry of any interest to those of us in the Sydney region is around midday on Friday when the models show us getting a weak south pulse. By weak, I mean something in the waist to chest high range on the bigger sets at spots that take dead south swell (hello Bondi!).

Beyond Friday, the outlook is of course hazier as the computer models push up against the natural limits imposed by the fundamentally chaotic nature of weather… but… what they show does not encourage great hopes for surf along the east coast. Oh well… we’ll keep an eye on it for ya as usual and maybe the Goat will have more encouraging words when the releases his weekend outlook in a couple days…

Right, on with it! Let’s hop into our respective days and enjoy what come our way…

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Mar 24 2008

long reef

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Mar 24 2008

Easter Monday & some fun little waves

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 Kinda glassy even this morning at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

Went for a surf late yesterday at Dee Why. It was lumpy and messy but there were a couple fun ones to be had. This morning it looks like a pretty good plan again. Folks at spots such as Dee Why will be jagging themselves a few from the 8 sec period one metre ESE windswell. As you can see from the picture I posted earlier this morning, there are a few sets into the shoulder high range at Dee Why. And if they’re getting into that place, they’ll be turning up at lots of other spots all up and down our coast.

Today’s forecast is calling for light NE winds to build up to around 15-20 kts this afternoon. Sadly, the swell is set to decline through the day, so the morning is going to be the optimal time from the look of things.

Running an eye over the various swell models reveals a consensus for small to very small across the next couple days. Around Thursday it seems that a south change pushing up the coast will pass through Sydney. Swell size should push up into the shoulder to head high plus range at spots with decent south exposure. Of course the wind will be in on top of it, but I can’t see the breeze being much worse than yesterday afternoon and that was do-able I thought.

Have yourself a top old Easter Monday!

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Mar 23 2008

Dee Why this am

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Hello Friends,

My usual late start for a Sunday and it looks as though we do have some little junky waves around the place following yesterday’s southerly. If Dee Why’s any guide, the quality is pretty ordinary it has to be said. But thanks to the slight improvement in the period setting (now around the 8 second mark from about Wollongong north to the border), and the 1.5 metre average size of the now mainly east windswell, you can actually catch the odd waist to chest high thing.

The wind is out of the E-SE though, so pretty much everywhere will be suffering from the onshore blues. It’s around the 10 kt mark along the Sydney region coastline as I write this, and according to the Bureau it’s going to push up a bit more as it swings to the NE – and the swell continues to fade.

My advice would be to get out there now if you can because the prospects for tomorrow are smaller again. In fact,  it looks like being pretty puny for the front half of the week. We might get a small dose of  weak and windblown SE windswell on Thr-Fri, but between now and then…

Look, it’s a lovely day out there, so go forth and enjoy, eh?

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Mar 22 2008

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 murky old DY

Hello Friends,

What a lovely morning! The odd spot of rain…  a steady supply of 20kt SE wind… dark grey skies… we’ve got it all going on in Sydney this morning. As I look out into the early morning gloom, I think ‘what a top day to sleep in late!’

Surf? Oh, you wanted to know about that? Well, what’s your guess? Let me give you another clue or two… out at sea off Sydney, MHL’s waverider buoy is showing an average of 2 metres of dead south windswell. It’s sputtering along at about 6 seconds apart.

Got the picture?

Dee Why isn’t totally flat and the good thing is, you can count on it being pretty much uncrowded. At first light I couldn’t see anyone in the water. For some reason the usual crew are being put off by the less than wonderful conditions, oh, and the fact that you’ll be doing well to find a windblown lump into the waist high range.

It looks as though these conditions are going to bumble along in much the same way for another week. As the Goat would say, sometimes up a bit, sometimes down a bit.  The SE wind is due to back off tomorrow and be around to the NE for early in the week. Our big problem is that Huey’s just not slinging the energy at Sydney – and where we’re concerned in Sydney, he looks disinclined to change the settings for the rest of the week.

Oh well, what can ya do? Smile, and carry on – the waves will return!

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