Mar 10 2008

the last report from Noosa…

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Hello Friends,

Looks like a day of light winds in the morning, turning nor’east in the afternoon. Swell prospects are pretty ordinary. The Bureau reckons around a metre of SE swell is on the cards. The MHL buoy off Sydney is off the air, but the one down at Port Kembla is showing an average of around 7 seconds. There is some long period component in the mix, so it could be that patient waiting around might be rewarded with the occasional set wave into the surfable range. As well, the models are showing a little long period pulse starting to fill into the Sydney region from around lunch time. They’re talking 15 sec, so if that happens, you could get lucky at south facing spots.

From tomorrow it looks as though we might have a small improvement to surf prospects as the swell swings around to the ENE and gets into the 1.5 metre range at 8-9 seconds. Wednesday could have some okay little waves at spots that like E-ENE swell.

Meanwhile, up in Noosa your correspondent was persuaded to get up at the crack of weirdness for a wave. Yesterday the swell started to pick up and in the late afternoon there were some impressive set waves reeling down the point at National Park. This morning it was a race against a ridiculously high tide. The swell is still around, but has probably backed off a little. Now, wipe that vision of a glittering tropical morning and azure waters from your mind. Picture instead a scene from the dawn of the paleozoic. The rain is sheeting down as dozens and dozens of people pick their way over the treacherously slick rocks to the water’s edge. Through the mist and bucketing rain one can make out waist to chest high lines. It’s just gone daybreak, but  the water is already well populated.

We paddle out in the bath-warm water as the thunder sounds an ominous bass note. It turns out that catching waves isn’t too hard (maybe I was lucky) because a fair number of them are sectioning off as people come down the point. I get a couple fun ones but when I stop to try to take a picture for you it is so absurdly dark that the flash goes off. Please direct any complaints to the lighting tech. As I’m sitting there contemplating the rain draped shoreline and counting the seconds between lightning flashes and thunder (11-15), a smiling chap paddles up to me on a twin-fin fish that he’d been using to excellent effect earlier and asks if I’m Don. My confession to the affirmative out of the way, it transpires that he is Andrew of Fairlight and has apparently been a regular visitor to this little website. We have a nice chat and then he paddles into yet another wave and disappears down the line into the rain.  I later realise that this is the furthest north in Oz I’ve had this happen.

Shortly thereafter the indefatigable Tim Bonython motors past on his kneeboard. Good for the mals he opines cheerfully before he too jags a nice one and rapidly disappears from view.

There’s not much to say about the rest of my session. I get a few more at Nationals, and then surf my way down to First Point. It is dominated by chaps and chapettes on mals, so I make do with something at the back of the bottom drawer and at length prone in.

Here endeth my final postcard from Noosa. I hope you have yourself an absolutely top day!

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