Mar 16 2008

oh the flatness, the flatness

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 very small at Dee why

Sunny morning in Dee Why
Hello Friends,

Well, it appears that my traditional late Sunday start has been the thing to do. As the others have already reported, it’s very, very tiny in our corner of the world today. Sadly, the forecasts have proven correct. The MHL buoy off Sydney is showing less than a metre of 6 sec period east wind chop.

I had been hoping that a big low in the southern ocean might be a factor for us toward next weekend, but the latest round of the models suggests it will wash the shores of Kiwi land instead (hello Bruce!) and then, a few days later, turn up at Malibu, Trestles et al.

The big low should dish up some pretty impressive size for Bells on Thursday… could be quite a day for spectating.

Tomorrow’s outlook for the Sydney region is pretty dire. In fact the ordinariness extends from the mid north coast to Gippsland, but if you’re going to find yourself waking up in any of the surf zones from about Ballina north, it looks as though you’ll have something to smile about…

Have yourself a top old day, and go well y’all!

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