Mar 18 2008

Movement at the station… maybe not

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 set of the day?

Hello Friends,

What a beautiful morning in Sydney.  If only we had a little more swell. Actually, from the look of Dee Why, it isn’t utterly flat. Maybe I saw and photographed the set of the day, but I reckon it would’ve been comfortably chest high. No one was near it though, so I can’t be certain. The Manly buoy is showing about a metre of east swell at 8 seconds, interestingly the data also indicates some 10 sec component in the mix. Maybe that’s what I saw…

The Bureau says we’re in for our usual tot of 10-15 kt NE’ly building to 15-20 kts in the afternoon.

The present conditions are set to prevail in the Sydney region for another couple days. On late Thursday or Friday, a south change is set to rattle the windows, but probably not push up anything too exciting. Still, with luck, it should at least be into the surfable range.

We shall see…

Have yourself a top old day!

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