Mar 20 2008

Small for another week?

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micro scenes at DY again

Hello Friends,

First light and it’s looking pretty small around the place.  Primary swell direction has gone to the NE and the period is mumbling along at a paltry 6 seconds. Heights at sea are bouncing around from a metre to near two metres, but it’s nothing like that size on your average Sydney beach. If you jag something in the waist high range, you’re doing very well. The wind forecast is for light N-NW breezes before it swings to the NE and then builds into the 18-23 kt range by this evening.

Huey’s set to mix things up tomorrow though. Overnight we’re due to have a 25-33 kt south change. That should give us a little more energy, but I wouldn’t expect great quality. I reckon it’ll be junky and small most places. The models reckon the period will only be in the 6-7 sec range, and given that even comparatively long period dead south swell pretty much goes straight by most of Sydney, I’d be surprised if we get anything much above chest high tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it sounds as though they’ll finally get some waves at Bells – tomorrow. The models seem to be showing that it’ll be a pretty short pulse though…

The long weekend is hoving into view, so go forth, enjoy your day!

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