Mar 21 2008

Gloomy and small, but the dedicated few

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 pretty puny and windblown

Hello Friends,

Quite a contrast this morning to the last week or so for Sydneysiders. The change came through as expected and we have the grey skies, the odd light shower and blustery 20-30 kt southerlies. There are a few folk in the water at Dee Why, but while the swell has pushed up into the two metre range on average, the direction is of course dead south and the interval is only six seconds. So, what’s getting in, is pretty weak and small. But you can sort of catch some of them, so my hat’s off to the hardy crew who haven’t let the ordinary conditions stop ’em.

The call is for these conditions to persist through the next day or so. Not a recipe for surfing excitement, I grant you, but if you’re dedicated, it should be possible to find something sort of surfable. It’ll be windblown, messy and weak, but not totally flat.

Have yourself a great day!

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