Mar 22 2008

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 murky old DY

Hello Friends,

What a lovely morning! The odd spot of rain…  a steady supply of 20kt SE wind… dark grey skies… we’ve got it all going on in Sydney this morning. As I look out into the early morning gloom, I think ‘what a top day to sleep in late!’

Surf? Oh, you wanted to know about that? Well, what’s your guess? Let me give you another clue or two… out at sea off Sydney, MHL’s waverider buoy is showing an average of 2 metres of dead south windswell. It’s sputtering along at about 6 seconds apart.

Got the picture?

Dee Why isn’t totally flat and the good thing is, you can count on it being pretty much uncrowded. At first light I couldn’t see anyone in the water. For some reason the usual crew are being put off by the less than wonderful conditions, oh, and the fact that you’ll be doing well to find a windblown lump into the waist high range.

It looks as though these conditions are going to bumble along in much the same way for another week. As the Goat would say, sometimes up a bit, sometimes down a bit.  The SE wind is due to back off tomorrow and be around to the NE for early in the week. Our big problem is that Huey’s just not slinging the energy at Sydney – and where we’re concerned in Sydney, he looks disinclined to change the settings for the rest of the week.

Oh well, what can ya do? Smile, and carry on – the waves will return!

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