Mar 24 2008

Easter Monday & some fun little waves

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 Kinda glassy even this morning at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

Went for a surf late yesterday at Dee Why. It was lumpy and messy but there were a couple fun ones to be had. This morning it looks like a pretty good plan again. Folks at spots such as Dee Why will be jagging themselves a few from the 8 sec period one metre ESE windswell. As you can see from the picture I posted earlier this morning, there are a few sets into the shoulder high range at Dee Why. And if they’re getting into that place, they’ll be turning up at lots of other spots all up and down our coast.

Today’s forecast is calling for light NE winds to build up to around 15-20 kts this afternoon. Sadly, the swell is set to decline through the day, so the morning is going to be the optimal time from the look of things.

Running an eye over the various swell models reveals a consensus for small to very small across the next couple days. Around Thursday it seems that a south change pushing up the coast will pass through Sydney. Swell size should push up into the shoulder to head high plus range at spots with decent south exposure. Of course the wind will be in on top of it, but I can’t see the breeze being much worse than yesterday afternoon and that was do-able I thought.

Have yourself a top old Easter Monday!

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