Mar 25 2008

Pretty small…

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Hello Friends,

So, a truncated workweek gets started, eh? If you’re already at work or school and you didn’t manage to get in this morning, don’t feel too hard done by. There really wasn’t much of anything going on. All we’ve got in the Sydney region (and pretty much the rest of NSW) is around a metre of 7 sec period east windswell. That translates into not much at all at most spots. Dee Why looked to be in the knee to waist high range for instance.

Huey’s diary looks pretty open for the next couple days. The first entry of any interest to those of us in the Sydney region is around midday on Friday when the models show us getting a weak south pulse. By weak, I mean something in the waist to chest high range on the bigger sets at spots that take dead south swell (hello Bondi!).

Beyond Friday, the outlook is of course hazier as the computer models push up against the natural limits imposed by the fundamentally chaotic nature of weather… but… what they show does not encourage great hopes for surf along the east coast. Oh well… we’ll keep an eye on it for ya as usual and maybe the Goat will have more encouraging words when the releases his weekend outlook in a couple days…

Right, on with it! Let’s hop into our respective days and enjoy what come our way…

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