Mar 27 2008

Dum-dee-dum…hmmm….hello… hello, Huey.

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Hello Friends,

Good job they aren’t having to run Bells on Sydney’s swell. Those quarter finals wouldn’t be too riveting in the knee to waist high conditions we’re looking at where spots like Dee Why are concerned. Overnight Huey’s turned down the power setting on us. MHL’s buoy is reporting about a metre of SE windswell at an anemic 6 seconds on average. Said buoy is also showing some 12 sec component, so I’d be guessing that spots with good south exposure could possibly be seeing the occasional rogue set into the chest high range. For the most part though, I wouldn’t be expecting to find much of anything too astounding around our region’s beaches. But, hey, at least it’s not totally and utterly zippo!

The Bureau is saying that Sydney can expect light offshores this morning. Those westerly tendencies will gradually fade as the onshore builds out of the SE and gets to around the 15kt mark this afternoon.

The forecast models are still showing a little uptick for us from late tomorrow through Saturday, but I’ll wait to see what the Goat says before getting too many hopes up. Those same models are calling for longer period but small conditions early in the week. It’s good to see that they’re projecting the development of something a bit more interesting toward Wed-Thr for the southern to central NSW coast… however, since this projection is at the outer limit of the forecast, I wouldn’t be planning any trips away just yet…

Enough of these idle speculations! A fresh day awaits! Go well with it!


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