Mar 31 2008

The last day of March

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The last Monday in March looks pretty sad and tiny at Dee Why

Hello Friends.

Looking pretty small this morning. Not really surprising, considering the ESE windswell is only a metre out at sea and just 7 seconds apart. Wind is offshore and the skies are clear, but you’re going to be working hard to get anything much above knee high in Sydney I reckon. And from the look of the buoy data up and down the coast, this situation seems to more or less the same everywhere in NSW.

Wind is set to be offshore all day and to get up into the 15-20 kt range by this afternoon. Tomorrow it’ll be the same in the morning, but the Bureau sees ENE in the afternoon for Sydney on Tuesday.

The outlook for most of the east coast is for pretty small over the next 24-48 hours at least. It’s still looking as though we’re most likely to see a change to the surf situation late in the week when a brief pulse of straight south swell. Here’s hoping the models have it wrong and that we’ll get a touch of east to it when it gets here.

Have yourself a top old day and may the week ahead turn out particularly well for you!

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