Apr 01 2008

Arggh, flatness prevails…

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first light flatness

Hello Friends,

What can you say? Huey’s idea of an April Fool’s joke maybe… everything is right. Skies are clear, wind is just an offshore breeze, a mid-morning low tide’s coming our way… the only thing missing is the swell. According to the MHL buoy off Sydney, it is actually a tiny touch bigger at sea than this time yesterday. But there are two problems: 1) it’s dead south and 2) it’s still only a metre on average at about 9 sec. So, if there is anything to be found, it’ll be very tiny and at spots that face south. Dee Why isn’t in the running in this particular race. There might possibly be something up the other end of the beach, but I’d say it’d be good for paddleboards – maybe.

Outlook for the next 7 days has not brightened for the NSW coast over yesterday’s run of the swell forecast models. This morning they show that the hoped-for south pulse at the end of the week in the Sydney region is looking less likely. If things turn out the way the computers think, the primary direction will be more SW and it’ll be small to boot. If you’re lucky enough to be north from about Ballina, it looks like there could be some fun ones coming your way around about the weekend.

Have yourself a top old day!

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