Apr 02 2008

oh so little, but not utterly flat

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Hello Friends,

I was looking at the MHL Sydney data late last night and was getting a little hopeful for this morning. The average period was close to 10 sec and the average height of the south swell had crept up to around the 1.5 metre mark… but sadly, in the early hours of this morning, the buoy data shows that the average period has slumped back to around 7 seconds. Oh well.

There are a few little waves about though because the swell’s still just above the metre mark and has a touch more east to it. A few bods in the water at Dee Why as the sun appeared over the horizon, one of whom managed to jag a little waist high number as I pointed my vintage Century 650 lens in his direction. So, not quite as hopeless as one might expect from looking at the buoy data. That extra touch of east to the direction might open up a few more options too. Just don’t inflate the expectations above ‘very, very modest’ and you’ll be right.

Looks like a day to get in early if you can. The wind is out of the NW as I write this, but as the day goes along, it’ll swing to the north east and be into the 20-30 kt range by late. Nothing to compare to the winds down Victoria way apparently. The folks along the coast in far west Vic are looking at 40-50kts this morning!

A week or so ago, the models were looking more promising for the end of this week. But they’re now suggesting that the swell being pushed up by the next change will be SSW and therefore largely going away from the Sydney region.  It then looks to me as though we’ll be stuck with marginal conditions through the weekend. But early next week, those models are looking a bit more hopeful. They’re showing a broad area of mainly east swell developing up north and then spreading south to us around Monday-Tuesday. The forecast may turn out to be as illusory as the call last week for south swell… but we can live in hope!

A big shout out and huge best wishes to RealSurf’s very own birthday girl, Shari!

Have yourself a top old day, one and all.

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