Apr 04 2008

Not too flash Friday

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4 April 2008 will not be remembered for great waves in Sydney...

Hello Friends,

By gee it looks ordinary¬† out there. The swell went south yesterday and the period has nudged up to an average of 7 seconds. But it’s only a metre at sea, so just about nothin’ is getting into the beaches of Sydney. Indeed, it looks like that could be said of just about the entire east coast. There’d be a few south facing spots up north that might possibly be worth a paddle, and maybe down the south coast you could find something. But most of us are looking at another day of tiny conditions.

The long range models are showing only a slight chance of improvement in the Sydney region toward the middle of next week. Again, it looks as though the best opportunities for a wave on the east coast will be from the mid-north coast up into SE Qld. Otherwise, if you want a wave, you’ll need to get to the western districts of Vic for some windblown size.

There is quite a large system being predicted to form east of NZ early next week, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will arc up around and back toward us… hey, a guy can dream!

Looks a beautiful day in Sydney, apart from the surf situation, so have yourself a top one!

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