Apr 07 2008

It should be flat, but it isn’t

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Long wait for these, but at least there are a few around.

Hello Friends,

Interesting. It’s really small and inconsistent at Dee Why this morning, but it’s not flat. I got a snap of someone pulling into a quick little closeout barrel at around 0645. For the most part this surfer and the half dozen others were doing a lot of waiting. But every now and then a longer period set turns up and there’s a chance to get a couple of turns in on a chest high section before it all ends on the sand.

A look at the Sydney buoy shows the average period is around the 8 second mark, but there is some 11+ sec component as well. The swell direction is just a touch off south and the average size has crept up by just a few cm over yesterday.

The Bureau’s call is for 15-20kts of SE’ly and around 1.5 metres of SE swell. The skies are mainly cloudy this morning, and that’s consistent with the Sydney region forecast of showers.

Outlook for tomorrow is more of the same weatherwise. We’ll have that same 15-20kts of SE along the beaches but the swell should push up a little more and be averaging closer to 2 metres.

For those of you rocking up to the site for the first time in a few days, I gotta tell you about my new podcasting toy. You can check it out by scrolling down the page a bit to find it in the right column. Should be pretty obvious how it works; but basically you just click on the play button and you’re listening. If you’re into rss feeds for grabbing podcasts, you can get the feed from my blog (http://blog.realsurf.com/category/podcasting-by-don/). Anyway, I did an intro podcast on Friday and subsequently have added a couple more, including one yesterday afternoon with my take on the surf prospects in Sydney for the next week. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, etc, I’d appreciate hearing them via our feedback link.

Have yourself a top old day!

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