Apr 08 2008

Rainy, grey, but a few waves

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Grey, rainy periods, but waves to be had...

Hello Friends,

Fair number of dedicated types in the water at Dee Why this morning – and elsewhere with south exposure, I should imagine. Grey skies with occasional rain periods and light south winds early are allowing the increase in the SE windswell to have a relatively glassy time of it inshore.

Overnight the average size of the swell has pushed up into the two metre range. As usual, the peak heights are around 40-50% bigger than that. As the swell came up, the period faded on us, so it’s now around the 7 second mark. Not too juicy you might think, but I’ll be the kids pulling into shoulder to head high sets at spots like Dee Why aren’t complaining.

The Bureau says we can look for the SE’ly to get into the 15-20 kt range today and the swell should stay around about where it is now.

For what it’s worth, my podcast surf forecast (podcast-cast? cast-cast?) on Sunday was on the mark yesterday and today, but I’m thinking the call for tomorrow which was 3 metre at 8 sec from the ESE was maybe a little more hopeful than how things look from here. I’ll endeavour to do a fresh podcast on the outlook for the next few days sometime around about sunset.

Go well with your day, and catch a few if ya can!

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