Apr 09 2008

Surfing Dee Why style

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0730 Weds 9 April, Dee Why

Hello Friends,

More showers and grey skies this morning, but if anything, it seems to have encouraged more folks to check things out. There were about 30 people jagging fun ones along the beach and another dozen or so at the point. Size on sets is definitely into the head high range. When I did my podcast for the week ahead (see the podcast thingy in the right column below) last night, I hadn’t been too hopeful about Tuesday’s waves lasting into this morning. But, here they are, and that’s a good thing.

The forecast remains for winds to be in the 13-18 kt range from the E-SE, so the plan is to get to the beach sooner rather than later.  Right now the MHL data is showing the swell is averaging around 2 metres from the SE and the period is still hovering around the 8 second mark. Look into your nearest protected south corners in other words.

We’re set for more showers this morning, but it’s supposed to break up a little this afternoon, so who knows what might be on tap at the close of play.

However it plays out for ya today, may it play out well!

0730 Wed 9 April 08 at Dee Why point

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