Apr 10 2008

Sydney surf Dee Why style

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0653 10 April 2008 Dee Why beach

Hello Friends,

What a corker of a morning in Sydney. The old world may be in its usual state of uproar, but down along the beaches, the eternal rhythms continue unchanged. Early risers found conditions were smaller than yesterday morning, but about the same as they were at sunset.

Windswell is about a metre on average (compared to close to 2m yesterday am). Peak sea + swell out at the buoy is around the 2.5metre mark. If anything, the average period has nudged up very slightly over yesterday. It was around about 8 seconds at the last update of the buoy data. Not amazing, but enough to deliver the occasional chest high set wave to spots with exposure to the ESE.

The Bureau is saying that a weak trough just offshore from the northern coast couldĀ  “deepen and possibly form a low”. If that happens, then there is some hope for an improvement to surf outlook. But it’s not extraordinary because it’s most likely to just move off to the east.

This evening, the Goat and I have a plan to talk about the surf prospects for the weekend. I’ll publish it in the form of a podcast shortly after we’ve finished chatting. Check back after dinner to see what we’ve come up with…

Get out there and have yourself a top old day!

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