Apr 14 2008

Waves at Dee Why today

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Dee Why point has waves

Hello Friends,

Brrr. Cold this morning with powering up SW winds too. That’s going to keep most of the surf options in the south corners. Although before 0800, it was still pretty clean up the beach from DY, I’d guess that will change as the wind works into it. The swell has a touch more south to it this morning compared to yesterday afternoon. It’s out of the ESE at about 2 metres on average at sea. The period is around the 8 second mark, but there is some 11 second stuff in the mix according to the MHL data.  And that probably accounts for the distinct pattern of head high sets turning up for the school hols crowd jockying for position at the point.

The Bureau says that the SW will build through the day to 20-30 kts, and the swell should continue to push up a little with it.

Tomorrow looks as though it’ll be much the same and on current reckoning, Wednesday will be more of the same again, thanks.

With luck, the average period will nudge up a bit as the week goes along. One thing you can say from the perspective of Monday morning, it really looks like there should be something surfable around the place all week – so long as you don’t mind a bit of chop!

Get out there, get into it if you can and have a top old Monday!

Pretty nice looking wave at the beach

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