Apr 15 2008

We have waves in Sydney

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Tuesday and looking fun between the showers.

Hello Friends,

Yep. Still have waves.

The longer version…

We have a strong high over the Bight and deep low pressure system over the So. Tasman, saith the Bureau. Wind is out of the WSW at around 15 kts this morning, but that will accelerate in coming hours and it looks as though we’re in for a repeat of the 20-30 kts of S-SW wind we had yesterday. Swell is currently averaging around 2 metres at 8 seconds. It’s coming from the south and the outlook is for the average heights to push up again through the day as they did yesterday.

And as with yesterday, it’ll be cleaner earlier.

Dee Why has the same healthy crowd as yesterday morning – big surprise. And there are some solid head high plus sets for the eager and hardy punters braving the 15 degree air temps.

Outlook for tomorrow is for a pretty similar conditions too. Indeed it looks as though it’ll carry on this way through Thursday.

If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts about surf prospects for the next week, check out the link in our news section to the video I threw together last night as an experiment. I tried running it through the utterz widget, but there were bandwidth issues, so I just put it on realsurf.tv. Speaking of the utterz thingee, if you’ve tried to use it but only see the “loading” message showing endlessly, I’d like to know about it. Just drop me a quick note via the feedback link with any relevant thoughts you might have. I’m particularly curious about the browsers you’re using if you’re getting the problem. Gee, it’s fun pioneering this stuff!

Get out there and have yourself a terrific day!

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