Apr 16 2008

More waves in Sydney town

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Hello Friends,

Just back from another airport run, this time to retrieve my mate Guy who just got in on the big bus from LAX. Looped through Manly, Curly and Dee Why on the way home – and for good measure had a quick squizz at far north Collaroy…

Here’s da scoop:

Little and crowded at the Bower. Maybe waist to chest high with occasional bigger sets. Like yesterday it looked better for mals and fishes than anything else. Glassy though. And glassy too at around 0900 when we went along the beach front at Manly. Like yesterday, it was relatively clean, pretty crowded and shoulder to head high on a lot of them. Plenty of shutdowns in the mix, but patience would be rewarded I’d say (see my latest vid for an idea of how it was playing out there yesterday arvo). It got bigger and messier the closer you got to Queenscliff.

Around at Curly, the situation was again uninspiring. Lots of activity, but really lumpy and messy. Not too many in.

Dee Why, as Rob’s already noted, has its share of energy, but it’s also lumpier and messier than Manly was.

Collaroy to Northy stretch was showing some potential for bodyboarding and bodysurfing at the southern end. Northy… probably not the go given the swell direction and forecast.

Forecast, did I say forecast? More of the same apparently. Wind is set to be 20-30 kts from the south around to the SW. It’s light as I write this, but that won’t last. Swell is SSE and 2 metres on average at around 9 seconds apart. However, there is some 11 sec component as well, so there should still be a few sizable sets at exposed locations.

If anything, the swell should build a little through the day and by this evening we should have some 3 metre stuff out at sea (sea + swell will be up into the 5-6 metre range apparently).

Tomorrow we have a repeat of the wind speeds, but the call is for it to be S-SE, so quality will take a hit most places. Swell should still be cooking along at around the 3 metre mark though and coming from the S-SE (which one hopes will mean it gets into the protected corners a bit).

Not sure if the schedule will permit, but I’ll try to stick to my 7-day forecast every other day routine and post something in the way of a podcast or vidcast after close of play this evening.

Get out there if you can, and have a top old day!

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