Apr 18 2008

Swell fading but not gone

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Hello friends,

More grey skies and occasional showers this morning. But not much wind and the swell, while it’s faded quite a bit, is still around. The energy peaked yesterday around the middle of the day when average swell at sea off the Sydney coast was close to the 3 metre mark from the SE and the avarage period was close to 9 seconds. It’s running around 2 metres at 8 sec now, so where yesterday there were solidly overhead sets for those of us in the water at Dee Why, there are now chest to shoulder high things coming in.

Not much wind to start with and the call is for it to ease from 18-23 kts SE to 15-20 kts.

Outlook for tomorrow is SE 15-20 kts and a slight bump up in swell height. However, the models are saying we’ll have a shorter period, so the sum total effect could be roughly the same as what we have now.

Your correspondent may sound a little detached in coming days (weeks? months?) because he has to deal with sitting on the injury bench thanks to an attempt to shoulder charge a very shallow bank at Dee Why yesterday. I mention this mainly to express a little solidarity with those among you who are currently on the injury bench as well.

Whether you’re bursting with vitality or less so, have yourself the best day you can!

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