Apr 19 2008

Junky old day

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Hello Friends,

Well, what can I say? Complete and utter junk along the Collaroy-Narra stretch (micro at Collaroy grading to chunderous dreck at Northy). Utter and complete junk from Longy to Dee Why (messy and confused and wind torn at Longy, grading to junky and small and sideshore at the point). Great sunrise though! PB’s put up a snap of it and I got a pretty good one myself.

The outlook for the remainder of the day is for those SE’ly winds to keep up their destructive work and for the swell to build up as a long period pulse arrives from the south – or so the Bureau says. The MHL Sydney buoy is showing 7 sec average period at 2 metres, with peak periods at just 8 seconds. Down the coast at Batemans Bay the average size is about the same, and so is the average period, but a brief pulse of 12-13 sec peak component is showing. Meanwhile, down at Eden, the buoy is showing an average of 9 seconds, with peaks at 12 sec and above for the last 12 hours or so.

We’ll keep an eye on things for you as the day unfolds… as usual 🙂

Have yourself a top old day!

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