Apr 21 2008

Much smaller, but not flat

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Hello Friends,

We’re in for more showers and grey skies this morning in Sydney. The swell seems to have backed off since yesterday afternoon – if Dee Why is any guide. Average size down there looks to be in the waist high range with the very occasional bigger one. Swell settings out at the MHL buoy are almost exactly the same as late yesterday afternoon when the sets looked to be a 0.5m bigger than what I’ve seen just now. The numbers are two metres on average, with 3 metre peaks from the ESE at 8-9sec.

On the good side, the junkiness factor seems to have diminished a little overnight and at 0800 there were very few people in the water. Surprisingly so, given the school holidays. Bureau’s call is for SW-SE at 10-15kts grading to 15-20 this afternoon.

Outlook for tomorrow is for the swell to drop back a little more and to swing closer to the east. If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on the outlook for the week ahead, check out the vid-cast I posted to realsurf.tv last night. I’m trying to get one of these out every 2-3 days at the moment. And as you’ll see, I’m playing around with mixing in a little video footage as well as a few weather charts. Anyway, check it out at some point and lemme know what you think.

Have yourself a top old day, and go well with your plans!

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