Apr 27 2008

Sunday, lovely Sunday

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Hello Friends,

Short version: go now! It’s still sizable but the wind is building…

Dee Why has solid head high sets as of 0830, but the Bureau hasn’t changed its mind about the wind and is calling for it to kick up from the present 10-15kts NW to 20-30 kts N-NW this afternoon. I’d say it’ll whack the surf size too.

Swell is still out of the same direction as yesterday (ie around the E-ESE mark), and is currently averaging just under 2 metres at around 9 seconds. There is some 11 second stuff in the mix though, and that probably accounts for the nice sets still rolling in.

Tide’s coming in now and will be a not too high high at around 1300.

If you’ve read this far, then many thanks for your patience. Time to get out there if you possibly can!

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