May 05 2008

A few sets but getting smaller

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Hello Friends,

Another beautiful autumn morning in Sydney. Blue skies… light offshores… those are good. Swell out of the SSE at about a metre and averaging 8 seconds apart… that’s not quite so impressive. There are still a few chest high looking sets in the mix where Dee Why’s concerned. But unlike the mobs of yesterday, this morning saw only a few bods paddling about in search of a wave. In the time it took for my morning heart-starter to come to a boil no one caught a wave, but a couple likely looking sets came through so I don’t think the situation is quite hopeless.

It looks as though the swell will continue to fade through the day and be close to flat tomorrow. I ran into some as yet unsolved technical issues on the video front last night, so couldn’t build a bells and whistles forecast as I’d planned. With luck I’ll be able to bash out something in the way of a podcast forecast¬† today… but we shall see… I have a magazine on deadline, so that tends to result in sudden outbreaks of frantic-ness that undo plans and good intentions.

Have yourself a top old day and get wet if you can!

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