May 07 2008

Fun looking morning

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Hello Friends,

Nice looking little sets rolling smoothly into the Dee Why surf zone this morning. The bigger ones are into the shoulder high range and as I write this, the wind is lightly offshore.

If you take a squiz at the latest MHL data, you can see that Huey began re-arranging the swell settings yesterday evening. The average size of swell at sea has gone up a bit, but it’s still only around the 1 metre mark. The direction has moved around to the E by ESE too, and that’s a useful thing. But the most important change is the quick ramp up in the period.

Last night around dusk, the average period started moving up from about 9 seconds. It peaked at 11+ last night and has now slipped back to about 10. Anything into double-digits is a good thing as we all know.

These conditions are pretty much what it looked as though we’d get when I did the forecast podcast on Monday night. I wonder how close to reality the podcast’s call for tomorrow will be…

Have yourself a top old day, and get up to some good where you can!

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