May 08 2008

Another day of waves

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Hello Friends,

What a sparkling morning in old Sydney. Skies are blue, the wind is out of the west and there are still a few quite rideable sets around the place. Dee Why beach seemed pretty lightly populated when I clambered up into the crow’s nest for a look-see. Maybe half a dozen surfers that I could see from just south of the pole to the point. And yet, as my picture shows, there are definitely a few sets still coming in.

A squiz at the Sydney MHL buoy this morning shows that the power setting fell from over 10 seconds early yesterday morning, to around  8 seconds now. But, Huey’s bumped up the average size from around a metre to close to 2 metres. He’s swung the heading on the swell direction back around to the south though, so there will be numerous shadowed areas along our coastline where there is just nothing getting in.

I’ll try to get out and about at some point this morning, so keep an eye on the podcast widget down the page for an update. I’m toying with the idea of getting another long range forecast together for those of you interested in such things. Stay tuned!

Have yourself a top old day and stay happy!

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