May 09 2008

Yet another day of fun little waves

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Hello Friends,

How many days in a row is it now? I’ve lost count! Surf again in Sydney at a selected beach near you. At first light this morning there were a few bods having a go at Dee Why point and even fewer up the beach chasing down chest to shoulder high bomb sets. Mostly it’s in the waist to chest high range on the rideable ones. So, not big or anything, but reasonably surfable. (I’d be out there, if the shoulder allowed!)

To put some numbers on it, the MHL Sydney buoy is currently showing 2 metres at 9 seconds from the south. The Bureau warns that the swell will be fading today and looking at the data from south of Sydney, it would indeed appear that we’re at or near the peak for now.

I won’t go into the outlook here because late last night, I issued another of my look-ahead report from the models (plus some video of waves at Northy yesterday). You can check it out by hopping on the link to the story in our news section.

The wind call is for light W-SW early, grading to 10-15 kts later on.

Have yourself a top old day!

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