May 10 2008

Few little waves left in the tank

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Hello Friends,

Did you get waves yesterday? If they were any good, you should go back there again today for another look because the swell settings are just about where they were when sun went down. The Bureau says the wind will only be around 10-15 kts from the SW-SE today, so conditions should be glassy and smooth for much of the morning.

Swell in the Sydney region is around the metre mark on average. The power setting is at about 8 seconds, so we aren’t talking huge amounts of juice. At Dee Why for instance, there isn’t really enough to light up the point, but as you wander up the beach toward Longy, the average size gets into the waist high range. Should be fun on your fish or mal but maybe less than entrancing on your shortboard. Spots with good exposure to the south should be copping a little bit more energy, but I’d be surprised if there was anything above the shoulder high mark.

The not-so-great news for east coast surfers is that the models are showing an extended period of great snorkeling and fishing weather coming up. The beachcombing should be brilliant, but it doesn’t look as though anyone will be surfing from about Monday onward. And I’m not too optimistic about Sunday either.

Oh well, one shouldn’t carp. We’ve had weeks of swell, so it’s not too surprising that we’re finally going to cop a stretch of flatness.

Have yourself a top old day and go well with all your plans!

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