May 11 2008

Happy Mothers Day

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Hello Friends,

The good news for this Mothers Day Sunday morning in Sydney is that we still have a few little waves around the place. In fact, the settings are very close to where they were yesterday afternoon. Indeed, the numbers are very close to what they’ve been for the last four days – ie, marginal at many spots, but not flat. And, if you look around a little at your favourite south facing setups, you could find something in the waist high range at least.

The MHL buoy is reporting a metre of SSE windswell at 8 seconds apart. That’s at the upper end of the range for most of the NSW coast.

A quick look at the forecast models this morning shows that the supercomputers still calculate that we’re in for small to flat conditions right along the coast of NSW for the next week. If I get a chance, I might look into creating another video version of the long range forecast for you…

In the meantime, have yourself a top old day and make sure you give Mum a hug, or a call at the very least!

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