May 12 2008

Still some waves in Sydney

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Hello Friends,

It was supposed to be grey, rainy and small this morning, but instead, happily, there’s sunshine and a few chest high bomb sets along the Dee Why stretch. The reason for the waves? Huey decided to pulse the period setting up to 10 seconds. I’d seen that pulse on the models when I did the long range forecast on the 8th. But last night when I updated things, it didn’t look as though it was going to happen. Onya Huey!

Anyway, swell is still out of the SSE and it’s gone up a touch to around 1.5 metres on average. The interesting thing is that there is some very long period stuff showing on the Sydney buoy (14 sec), so if you’re in the right spot, who knows, you might do better than a shoulder high set.

The Bureau says that we could get a shower or two, but sunny breaks will be common. Oh, and there will only be light and variable winds all day…

Outlook for tomorrow is for smaller and weaker… and the remainder of the week… east coasters, brace yourselves… it’s looking very sad for us. I hope the models have it wrong, but if you’re curious, you can check out my latest forecast by following the link and going to where I posted it last night.

Go well with your day!

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