May 14 2008

Just about flat

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Hello Friends,

Today’s pictures tell the story of the east coast – it is very small at even those places with good exposure to the SE where the little windswell is coming from. I did actually get a snap at 0700 of a person standing up on a wave at Dee Why, so it’s still possible – if you have a mal or something similarly floaty.

As of this writing, the MHL buoy off Sydney is showing a SE windswell that is less than a metre on average with a period of around 7 seconds. There is evidence of some longer period component in the mix, and it could be that that is what those keen folk in the water are latching on to. However, the trend line there is steadily downward as well, so the flatness is settling in on us.

Outlook is still fairly grim, although I’m getting a little hopeful about the situation late next week. Looks from the models as though there is potential for a major system to develop across the bight and to maybe… just maybe… swing some of the energy around Tassie and up toward us. My confidence on this is around 10% right now, so don’t block out the diary just yet!

Have yourself a top old day and go well!

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