May 15 2008

Oh the flatness, the flatness

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Hello Friends,

Dense fog over much of Sydney this morning. By around 0730 it had cleared enough for my daily snapshot of the Dee Why stretch, but as I write this, it looks socked both north and south of here. Dense fog in Sydney invariably means no wind, so it was glassy and smooth for the lone paddleboarder setting off for his morning constitutional off Dee Why.

The latest data from the MHL buoy, shows that things are essentially where we left them last night. It’s about a metre from the ESE at 8 seconds apart. If you’re really desperate, it should be possible to find a microscopic wavelet at those spots that are the last to go flat in these conditions. But you’ll pretty obviously need your most buoyant option.

Once the fog dissipates,  we’re in for gradually freshening winds out of the northern quarters. It’s set to be 8-13 kts from the NW at first and then to swing to the NE at 13-18 kts.

The glimmer of hope for an end to this flatness that I cautiously noted a day or two ago, is glowing a bit more strongly. Here’s what the Bureau has published this morning:

A high in the Tasman Sea will maintain winds from the north through until Saturday. During Sunday and Monday a low pressure system will form in the western Tasman Sea as a consequence of a strong change moving across from the west. This system has the potential to develop into a significant low with gale force winds. These winds are more likely to be a feature about southern and central coasts, though the exact evolution of the low is still a bit unclear.

That sounds a bit more hopeful, eh?

If life permits, I plan to pull together a new long range weather outlook podcast this evening, so check back again later for that if you’re interested…

Have yourself a top old day!

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