May 17 2008

Another day of flatness, but…

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Hello Friends,

There’s no way around the facts, it’s just plain flat in Sydney. We aren’t alone either, the entire east coast of Australia is copping this treatment. According to the latest offshore data, swell at sea off Sydney is only a metre on average at just 5 seconds apart. It’s out of the north, for whatever that’s worth.


Here’s what the Bureau’s saying: “A low is expected to develop in the western Tasman Sea behind this change on Sunday. Gale force south to southwest winds are expected to develop along the coastal waters as the Low develops on Sunday.”

Brace yourselves for lots of wind, starting this morning as the winds freshen up from the NW at 20-30kts.

And tomorrow should be downright hostile to surfing interests. How does 30-35kts of SW wind grab ya? And cold. And the odd shower. Should be a good day – to stay inside!

But that wind will do us some good because by Monday we should be seeing some swell in protected corners (although the wind’ll still be a factor). By mid-week it looks as though the factors could be coming together for us. You can check out my latest thoughts on this by clicking on the link to my latest vidcast (see right).

Go well with your day and have a top old weekend!

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