May 20 2008

woo-hoo, more waves

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Dee Why smokin\' at 0700

Hello Friends,

The swell is looking pretty fun this morning at Dee Why – and everywhere else that likes straight south. Out at the MHL buoy, the average height is a couple metres, but there are bomb sets into the 4 metre range and the energy setting is at a sturdy 9 seconds.

For the point at Dee Why this is translating into lots of head high sets and the odd one into the 1.5x overhead range. Wind is out of the WNW right along the coastline of the Sydney region. It’s in the 10 kt range, so the already cool temps are gonna feel pretty brisk if you’re pulling on a sodden wetsuit that you forgot to take out of the car last night. Brrr! Water’s nice in though!

Outlook for today in Sydney is for fine weather and a high of around 21. Wind is set to ease off during the day to around 8-13 kts.

And the good news is that the swell is set to stick around through tomorrow.

Not sure how the schedule will play out today, but if possible, I’ll try to update with a new long range forecast. And, if I get out and about, I’ll also endeavour to file a little audio story for your amusement.

Get out there if you can, and wherever your day takes you, may it all go well.

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