May 21 2008

Still a few left in the tank

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Another one closes out ...but feel the weight sir

Hello Friends,

This morning dawned chilly, but not exceptionally so. The daybreak crew were on it per usual at Dee Why and, even though the swell has throttled back from where it was at this time yesterday, there are still a few shoulder high sets to be had. The swell angle hasn’t changed much. It’s still SSE, and the size on average is now around the 1.5 metre mark (compared to 2 metres yesterday). Huey has given the period a slight downward nudge so that it is now a touch under 9 sec on average. There should be a few 9-10 sec sets in the mix though, so you just might jag something in the overhead range if you’re at one of the exposed beaches.

Wind is currently out of the W to WNW at around 10-12 kts. However, by lunchtime, the wind should be around to the SW and then S, increasing to 15-20 kts by the time you’re thinking of getting something to eat. By the time you’re thinking tea, it’s set to reach 20-30 kts from the south.

So, I guess the takeaway is pretty obviously to get in early if you can.

The outlook for tomorrow is for S-SE wind of 18-23 kts, backing off to 13-18 kt in the afternoon. According to the Bureau, there should be 2-2.5 metres of south swell. And looking ahead, it would appear that we should pretty much have waves of some sort through the end of the work week.

Had a big day yesterday, so didn’t get to the podcast as I’d planned. Should be possible to do it today though… and I’ve also got a fair amount of vid to wade through too…

Anyway, have yourself a top old day and go well.

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