May 22 2008

Grey and smaller but not flat

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Hello Friends,

Looks as though we’re in for a steady supply of southerly conditions right through the weekend. Following the arrival of the clouds and SE wind yesterday, the swell has settled back to around 2 metres at 8 seconds from the south. That period is actually up a bit from yesterday, so there are a few waves around this morning for the extra keen.  This morning the wind is out of the south to SSW at 15-20 kts. The good thing is that it should moderate a little in the afternoon.

From the look of Dee Why, the quality is not all that inspiring. But all the kids freed by the teachers’ strike will no doubt be happy for the chance anyway. While I watched, there were waves into the chest high range hitting both the beach and the point. But they seemed to be shutting down pretty unmercifully in the beachy, while at the point the pattern seemed to be short, sectiony and a bit weak. All of this fits with the dead straight south direction of the swell.

As you may have noticed, I’ve pushed out another of my long range surf podcasts for your amusement. And to help you get there more easily, I’ve put a permanent link below my report slot. Anyway, if you check it out, you’ll find that I reckon it’s going to get smaller over the next couple days, so if the schedule permits, you might want to consider getting in today if you’re in the Sydney region.

Got a bit behind with things yesterday (pushing lots of learning curves at the moment), so no fresh vid for you just yet… but it’s coming…

Have yourself a top old day and go well with your good plans!

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