May 23 2008

Nice looking Friday morning

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Hello Friends,

Still some waves around this morning, and clean with it where Dee Why’s concerned. A couple of things to note… first, since this time yesterday, Huey’s bumped up the power setting a notch from under 8 sec to close to 9 sec. The size has dropped from a touch over 2 metres to closer to 1.5 metres on average. As importantly, the direction has moved from dead south to south east. As I tap these words out, the wind is coming from the WSW at 7-10 kts.  The Bureau says it’ll stick around this speed all day, so that’s a good thing (unless you’re a kiter!).

The Bureau is saying that the swell and wind conditions will remain much the same for tomorrow. However, the computer forecast models beg to differ and they reckon we’ll see a gradual decline to near flatness by tomorrow afternoon. Hope they’re wrong.

If you’re interested in my reading of the aforesaid models, you can check out my latest vidcast, and you could tune into 702 ABC tomorrow at around 0730 when I do my weekly surf report/forecast gig.

Get out there if you can, and whether you can or can’t, have yourself a top old day – and stay happy!

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