May 26 2008

Whadya know, still some waves

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Hello Friends,

The surf situation this morning in Sydney is rather similar to last night at close of play. It’s still about a metre at sea, the period is still about 8 seconds and the direction is still out of the SSE. Wind is barely a breeze as I write this, and the Bureau says it’ll only get up to 5-10 kts from the NW-NE.

Down at Dee Why, the joint is looking pretty quiet. There were three folks taking turns at the point and at daybreak, no one seemed to be in theĀ  beachy. Size is around the waist high range but there could be a few chest high sets in amongst it today.

The outlook for a little improvement to size is still on the cards for later and into tomorrow. Not huge you understand, but maybe into the head high range on the bigger ones if we’re lucky. I pushed out another forecast last night, so wander over to the news section to find the link…

Speaking of news, moves are afoot for a major fundraiser evening on behalf of Daz Longbottom (Longbum on the forums) who copped what sounds to be a horrific spinal injury last week. I highly recommend reading the entire thread now unfolding on the forums ( ) under LONGBUM IN HORROR SURF ACCIDENT. The stories of extraordinary bravery and generosity should be read. And then, the practical stuff. Much will need to be done. Our thoughts are with you mate, may you have a swift recovery.

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