May 29 2008

Small but not utterly flat

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Hello Friends,

Pretty small this morning at Dee Why. And yet, when you look at the MHL data, it’s not _that_ much smaller than yesterday at this time. Swell height is maybe 0.3 metre smaller than this time yesterday when there were shoulder high sets. Period is down from a touch over 9 sec to better than 8 seconds – so no significant change there I wouldn’t have thought. Direction is still a favourable SE. But, the best set wave I saw while waiting to grab the picture this morning, was maybe waist high. And it looks as though the beachy is not a lot bigger. The final clue is that there are very few people in the water. A couple at the point and a couple up the beach from kiddies were pretty much it at 0730…

The trend looks to be for a steady decline in the Sydney region toward flatness across the weekend. But you folk living the good life in Queensland may finally have some sort of energy to play with (if you like wind). This from the Bureau’s summary:

“A trough is expected to develop off the south Queensland coast on Friday. A Low is expected to develop within this trough on Sunday. This will increase the winds on the far north coast on Sunday, possibly reaching gale force. ”

Sounds interesting… and if it persists as presently foreshadowed in the models, then we might have some fun little ENE swell in Sydney early next week…

Have yourself a top old day and may all your fine plans play out to your satisfaction!

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