Jun 03 2008

Overcast & blowy to start

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Dee Why looking dire

Hello Friends,

Had a pretty gloomy old start to the day for Sydneysiders. But given the ocean’s state, it won’t have mattered to many folks. Wind was out of the east at 10-15kts when I sat down to tap out these words. The trough up north that is now giving the long-suffering Sunny coast surfers something other than abject flatness (see the daily pics), is not yet delivering anything down our way. However, the Bureau says that it currently thinks the trough will become a low and that by Friday it could be east of Sydney.

Accordingly, they’ve hoisted the pennants for increased winds today and stronger again tomorrow. By close of play this evening, we could be looking at 20-25 kts of E-NE wind buffeting our stretch of coast. The seas will push up of course, but it doesn’t look as though we can expect the period setting to move much from its current 7 sec position.

If the low does come south, the winds will be onshore from the E-SE at 20-30kt from tomorrow through Thursday. As the wind accelerates, the swell will push up and with luck it’ll be possible to find spots to tuck out of the wind for a few fun ones.

Looks pretty promising for the Snowy McAlister to have waves this weekend. Hope so, ’cause I’d like to get some vid if I can.

Get out there and make the most of your day and stay in touch!


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