Jun 04 2008

Not the best this morning

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Hello Friends,

Not really a morning for a surf, sad to say. Stormwater runoff has turned the sea an unappetizing grey-brown at Dee Why and the Bureau says we’re in for more rain today. Swell is out of the SE at close to 3 metres. It’s averaging around 8 seconds apart in our region. Wind is 20-25 kts from the SE, so the number of clean options is likely to be a very small one.

Here’s the Bureau’s summation:

A Low located near Coffs Harbour is expected to move to the southeast of Taree by this evening A band of strong to gale force winds lies to the south and east of this low. Longer term the movement of the Low has considerable uncertainty. It is likely it will move initially further south during Thursday and then east.

So, heavy rains at times, with powering SE winds is the current call for today, and tomorrow, if anything, the wind will be stronger in the morning but should back off and swing more to the SW toward late arvo.

Have yourself a good one!

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