Jun 05 2008

Wind, wind, wind

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Hello Friends,

The word for this morning is wind. There’s lots and lots of it. A moment ago I checked the latest data from Little Bay and North Head. The former was getting buffeted by 32-37 kts (60-70 kph) of south wind whilst the latter was experiencing 25-34 kts from the SSE. The good thing is that the wind is peaking this morning and then it will gradually drop back to a more typical 15-25 kt range by tomorrow.

Of course the windswell will track this down as well. Right now the swell is averaging around 4 metres from the south at 8sec. It you’re out on the ocean this morning, you have another couple metres of sea on top of that.

It’s still too rainy for me to grab a snap of the conditions, however, I’ll be out and about in the next hour or so and I’ll grab something then. If possible I’ll fire in an on the spot podcast too.

Looks as though we’ll still be in S-SE conditions tomorrow and the S-SW for the start of the Snowy at Manly this weekend.

Go well!

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