Jun 06 2008

Stormy start to the day

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Hello Friends,


Checked south Narrabeen and Collaroy but not a lot to recommend. Southy is sizable but 99% shutdowns and Collaroy is weak, small and mobbed. Dee Why now looks pretty lumpy and messy, but there are some clean section in amongst it, so I’d have to give it the nod over the others. Water everywhere is throughly awful looking.

Was kinda wild and woolly out there. Wind is out of the SW at anywhere from 15-25 kts and as I write this, yet another little rain squall is passing over Dee Why.

The outllook is for the wind to gradually abate and as it does the current 4 metres of south swell should start to drop back as well. That’ll bring things back into a more surfable range for most of us. Right now at Dee Why there are a few crazy types dodging the worst of the bomb sets while challenging their immune systems (the water looks foul). The main attraction is the size, because by and large the quality sections are few and far between. As the wind and swell throttle back, the quality should improve.

BTW, stay tuned for later in the day when I’ll post another surf forecast. This one was shot at DY point just on dark yesterday. When I got down there, there was a single guy out on a rescue board, but by the time I left at dark, there were a dozen people in the water. Size was pretty impressive too, so I cut a few of them into the forecast. Anyway, tech gods willing, it should be up on realsurf.tv later this morning.

The Snowy is on at Manly tomorrow and looking at the forecast, you’d have to think they’ll get a few waves (along with ordinary weather). I’m hoping to get a little video out of it too. With luck the swell will stay in the surfable range for the entire event.

Go well with your day!

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