Jun 07 2008

Gonna have to look, but…

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Hello Friends,

Have a bit of a look around this morning, and you’re bound to find a few options. We’re coming off a low tide as the day starts and we still have some south swell left in the tank. It’s distinctly smaller than yesterday, but at south swell magnet spots, there are a few head high sets to be had. They’ll be getting further apart as the day goes along.

The wind is due to track around from the S-SW to the S-SE but to stay in the 15-20 kt range. Surface conditions will therefore range from lumpy and choppy at exposed spots, to relatively clean in the protected corners (but much smaller of course).

Despite the chilly conditions and ordinary looking water, Dee Why was pretty well populated from the get-go this morning. I’d say that means it’s one of the only reasonable options in the immediate area. I’m gonna head on down to the Snowy in a bit to see if I can get a little long board action on vid. I’ll post a progress report via utterz if the technology permits!

Go well with your day!

BTW, thought I’d include the current MHL data for your interest…

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